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كيف تطرح الأسئلة في زمن الماضي ؟ (تعلم اللغة الانجليزية)

‫كم شربت؟‬
How much did you drink?

‫كم اشتغلت؟‬
How much did you work?

‫كم كتبت؟‬
How much did you write?

‫كيف نمت؟‬
How did you sleep?

‫كيف نجحت في الامتحان؟‬
How did you pass the exam?

‫كيف وجدت الطريق؟‬
How did you find the way? 

‫مع من تكلمت؟‬
Who did you speak to?

‫مع من تواعدت؟‬
With whom did you make an appointment?

‫مع من احتفلت بعيد ميلادك؟‬
With whom did you celebrate your birthday?

‫أين كنت؟‬
Where were you?

‫أين كنت تسكن؟‬
Where did you live?

‫أين كنت تشتغل؟‬
Where did you work?

‫بماذا نصحت؟‬
What did you suggest?

‫ماذا أكلت؟‬
What did you eat?

‫ما الذي عرفته عن تجربه؟‬
What did you come to know? 

‫كم كانت سرعتك في السير؟‬
How fast did you drive?

‫كم مدة طيرانك؟‬
How long did you fly?

‫كم الإرتفاع الذي قفزته؟‬
How high did you jump?

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